Drafting Tables

A handy table for anyone requiring an organized work space would be a drafting table. Once owned by men of stature and money, they were then much more cumbersome and often made of oak and very simple in design. They mainly provided a bare work space of size to draw or write on.

Most draft tables today are constructed of steel. It is more durable and adapts better to hooking up other features. Some come equipped with lamps, and motors to adjust the height and tilt of the table. Large rulers can be attached as well.

Although many artists or people who require plans or drawings, now use the graphics of a with computer CAD software, there are still some who would rather use the hand drawing afforded by using the drafting table. In this manner, they can be assured that the whole world is not getting access to their plans or drawings. A lot more private in this way.

Another great table advance in drafting tables, is the craft drafting table. Some come complete with drawers or bins for storage, attached to the table, pencil sharpeners, and slots for storage. Some also have glass tops. These tables are a perfect work area for crafts such as scrapbooking, sewing, piecing things together, or making pretty much anything that requires a work surface.

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