Ikea Drafting Tables

Ikea Drafting Tables are manufactured in mainly four categories. The first one is Galant system. A workable desk can be created by choosing the tops and legs which are adjustable. Some of the products of Galant system are Galant corner desk-left, Galant corner desk-right,Galant desk combination left half-round etc.

The second series of Ikea Drafting Tables are known as Jonas Series. Its varieties are Jonas desk, Jonas desk with pull out panel, Jonas secretary and Jonas drawer unit on casters. Ikea's Jonas desk with pull out panel comes in the width of 59 1/2 inches and its height is 28 3/4 inches. The runners are made of steel.

Ikea Drafting Tables third group of production is known as Vika System. It comes in innumerable combinations with the choice of mixing and matching the legs with the top. It is affordable for people having different budgets and tastes. Some of its varieties are Vika Amon/Vika Curry, Vika Amon/Vika Tore, Vika Glasholm/Vika Artur etc.

Ikea's fourth set of production is called Alve Series. Its products consist of solid wood and are in the style which is traditional. Some of the products of this series are known as Alve add on unit for secretary, Alve cabinet with doors, Alve drawer units etc. Alve add on unit for secretary allows space adjustments and its shelves can be adjusted too as per the requirement of the user.

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